Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Street in Motion

An impromptu project to capture some of the energy of Toronto's streets, financial districts and commuter hubs. The motion is intentional, as an attempt to reflect the bustle of rush hour in Canada's largest city.

All photographs were shot with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W130 pocket camera. Most consist of elements from several exposures layered in Photoshop CS4 and processed with a variety of plugins, mainly from Filter Forge's excellent freepacks.

The full set of images is here.

Toronto, near Union Station, November 2011
Toronto / Underground / Business District
Walking to work, City Hall, Toronto
Maple GO Station Parking Lot, November 2011
Queen's Park Station, Toronto
Downtown Toronto, November 2011
All images copyright © 2011 Richard F. Wintle.


kdoyle said...

Amazing...the grayscale one is my favorite.

Ricardipus said...

Thanks Ken. If you look in the set there's another one, which didn't work as well I think.

Aled Hughes said...

Amazing! I don't know how you can think of such things! When I was drunk in my yoof, I used to see such things, but never had a camera....

Ricardipus said...

Thanks Aled. This grew out of just shooting (discreetly, from the hip) as I was walking along. I didn't attempt to hold the camera steady, and when the photos were at dusk (with the flash turned off) the camera had to use a really long exposure time (slow shutter speed) which also meant that the people had plenty of time to move around and become blurred.

From there, it was just a question of massaging bits of photos to make them look a little better.

john.g. said...

Nice on R'puss! I put some pics of the pub on my blog today using my Nikon D40 and Paul, the landlord!

WrathofDawn said...

Me like.