Thursday, December 09, 2010

2010, in the words of the proprietor.

With a tip of the chapeau to Cath over at VWXYnot, from whom I've borrowed the idea, here's a quick recap of the Ricardiblog for 2010. The first sentence of the first post from each month.

It's a pretty miserable collection, truth be told, with three months missing entirely (although, in a strangely recursive way, we could put "With a tip of the chapeau to Cath over at VWXYnot..." in as the first one for December, I suppose). A New Year's resolution for 2010 suggests itself - try to be a bit more consistent with posting. Although I did fire off half a dozen at Life Science Tools of the Trade, and I will soon be posting sporadically at another, as yet undisclosed, location. Stay tuned.

Anyway, here we go, sorry set of sentences though it is:

January: "Happy New Year, to anyone who might still be reading."

February: "Just a quick guerilla post to point anyone who might be reading at a worthy initiative - the Scientia Pro Publica blog carnival, which as I understand it is a regular initiative to bring interesting science to the attention of the general public."

March: "Time to brag a little."

April: Um, er, apparently I didn't post anything in April.

May: "A post?"

June: "The recent G20 summit in Toronto, truth be told, was only a minor inconvenience to me."

July: "I'm excited." [Ok, this is the first sentence of July - the first post per se consisted only of a photograph.]

August: "Saturday." [Hm. That's not really a sentence is it? The next one is the much more long-winded "A much earlier mandatory photography meeting than the previous day, and a quick brief for today's assignment - shots in the paddocks, the areas where the race cars live and are worked on, when they're not on-track."]

September: Argh, didn't post anything in this month either.

October: "There is a protest brewing, if I can mix metaphors so early in this post."

November: "One by one they left behind the bright fields of innocence and stepped into the darkness of experience." [I didn't write this, but it's a sentence. And there were no other posts in November to draw from.]

December: Um, er, I'll get back to you on that.


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Yeah, I think you should be aiming for at least one post per month :)

Richard Wintle said...

Well, I actually posted 20 this year, plus 6 over at the other place. That makes... um... a bit more than two per month - on average.

Pathetic, really.

chall said...

I like it. Same first post as me, and end on the same note - then I can't have been that bad either :)

As for the blogging, I noticed when I went through it that it's been blotchy this year. I think I'm in between "venting without thinking too much" and "not doing the real proper blog posts about science" and then I got stuck there. I was trying to move away from venting.... but maybe that is what I was?! ^^

chall said...

as usual I'm talking about me and not you.

you're blog posts are always fun to see though! I like them, both here and "the other place". I rarely comment though.... my bad. I'll do that more frequent ...

Richard Wintle said...

Thanks for visiting (and commenting), chall. I posted mine without having read yours... sorry for stealing the "first post in December" recursive line from you!

Ok, 2011 - more posting, more commenting. I'll do it if you do. ;)

Aled Hughes said...

My blog this year has been limited to three - shame on me. The first was about dancing when in school, and a rant about snow. I mentioned the passing of Robert B Parker, and then the Cup Final. All sad occasions really....
Talking of snow, our erstwhile weather forecasters here in Florida are predicting yet another cold spell being pushed down from Canada next week. It's about 20 degrees below normal here! (That's about 11 degrees in Centipedes for our Canadian friends). There was frost on the ground yesterday! Climate change no doubt...
Back to the plot, I have a new T-Shirt, it reads 'We need more Ricardipus Blogs'.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Hi Ricardipus! Click this link, please!

Richard Wintle said...

Thanks Cath. Been, voted, gone like the wind. :)

No, I didn't vote for myself.

Anonymous said...


May I point out that December's is:

"With a tip of the chapeau to Cath over at VWXYnot, from whom I've borrowed the idea, here's a quick recap of the Ricardiblog for 2010."

Such a smartypants for someone who neither blogs at her original blog ( due to an unwanted reader) nor has the ambition to set up a new one.

Merry Christmas to all at Chateau Ricardipus!


Richard Wintle said...

*ahem* yourself, and sorry to hear about your unwanted reader. You know where I can be reached, of course. :)

Happy Holidays right back at ya, and any other relatives (human or otherwise) who might be around.