Monday, March 01, 2010


Time to brag a little.

Despite taking hundreds and hundreds of photographs of cars, some of which I'm very proud of, it turns out that the very first photograph I've licensed for commercial use is of a downtown building.

This building, in fact:

RBC Dominion Securities building, in Brookfield Place, Toronto
Dominion Securities Building, with blurry person.

That photo will appear, in due course, in a fine publication about Canadian Business and the Law - at least, I presume it will, since today they sent me the cheque. Quite by coincidence, as yesterday I emailed the person who solicited it in the first place, finding that her website and email address have since disappeared off the face of the internet.

Now, that's not the first photo I've licensed - in a sense, I've granted various people "licenses" of one sort or another to use my photos in various places, such as NowPublic, Schmap, or in school or university projects. And the first written license was between myself and a company that employs a fairly regular reader of this blog, to use a couple of photos on some promotional literature. Those, I exchanged for a very spiffy iPod.

Roche/454 sequence
Some artistic DNA sequences.

Illumina DNA sequencers
Some DNA sequencers, last year.

But today's cheque - well, that seems like some kind of milestone. A sale! A palpable sale!

Now, I just need to shove the guilt aside, and put the fee towards the "get Richard a new DSLR camera" fund, instead of doing something useful with it, like buying retirement savings, or putting it in the kids' education fund, or something.



Aled Hughes said...

Congratulations! Personally, I'd invest the money in some beer. But then, I would, wouldn't I?

TRT said...

Hmm... I've a few brain images licensed to Mensa in, oooh, 1992-93. Got £75 for them, they were used on a CD-ROM. And the money got invested in paying off some of the mortgage. Ocean. Drop. Beer sounds like a better option.

Ricardipus said...

Heh. The license fee here was probably about the same as 75 quid, adjusted for Transatlantic exchange and 18 years of inflation. It would take a nice bite out of a new camera, but definitely not pay for the whole thing.

The mortgage would be the "moral high road" option though...

Alethea said...

Oh, c'mon, that's GREAT. Obviously, use the money to splurge on something that would make you happy. Photographic stuff would have some poetic balance, but really, anything. Congratulations! (pats you on back)

Ricardipus said...

...and I thank you. I do have a gift certificate from a local photography store from Christmas, which will also contribute to this.

I'm thinking about a Pentax, which will work nicely with our old Pentax film camera lenses, but we'll see...

WrathofDawn said...

Congratulations! That is truly a stellar picture and deserves payment.

Go for the camera, dude. You deserve it. Also... more pics... more monies...