Friday, February 19, 2010

Scientia Pro Publica

Just a quick guerilla post to point anyone who might be reading at a worthy initiative - the Scientia Pro Publica blog carnival, which as I understand it is a regular initiative to bring interesting science to the attention of the general public.

I’ll let Stephen Curry, the host of this edition, fill you in on the details. More can be found at this post from his blog, Reciprocal Space, including a link to the submission form. Here’s Stephen…

…if you’ve read or written a blogpost about science, nature or medicine in the last couple of weeks that you think might enchant or enthrall a public audience, please think about submitting it to the carnival.

The submission form has more detail on the general idea behind Scientia:

The purpose of this blog carnival is simple: to provide a large public platform that celebrates the best science, nature and medical writing published within the previous month in the blogosphere. This means the host should be able to understand what you’ve written. If the host can’t understand it, neither will the public. Acceptable submissions include “translations” of scientific papers, original essays about a scientific topic or theme, and reviews of books about science. Other submissions may or may not be accepted at the current host’s discretion. Topics range from basic to applied sciences; from physics, chemistry and biology to pharmacology and medicine. Scientia is published on the first and third Monday of each month, and of course, because this is a traveling blog carnival, it is seeking hosts.

Submissions will be published on Monday, March 1, so you’ve got a little time to either write something, or snag a post from the last couple of weeks or so. Of course, since it’s ongoing, you can contribute as often, or as infrequently, as you like.

Go on, you know you want to.


Aled Hughes said...

Hmm... I had to read this three times, and I'm still confuddled. I thought initially it was about canals, then I read carnivals.... amazing what 'selective reading' will do to the brain. I also confused scientia with sciatica.
Yes, my knowledge of medical matters is limited - to popping aspirin for a headache and a band-aid for bleeding.
It's all on a par with all this space photography for me. The latest pics show something about 60 million light years away. If it's taken that long for an image to arrive here, how come they know it's still there? As Winnie the Pooh wisely said, 'I am a bear of little brain, and big words bother me'.
Has to be said though, that the brain power of the medical/scientific fraternity still amazes me!

オテモヤン said...


Aled Hughes said...

Sorry, but is that with fries?

Ricardipus said...

Aled - if you think *that* was confusing, you should read the several dozen posts that ended up being published in that blog carnival.

All good stuff, but the quantity'll make your head spin. I swear.