Friday, January 01, 2010


Glenora, Ontario - Winter 2009
A winter scene, on the way home.

Happy New Year, to anyone who might still be reading.

The annual trip down to the other end of Lake Ontario is over, the slew of Christmas presents packed into two vehicles and transported back home, and calm has descended on Chateau Ricardipus for the time being. Back to the Land of Wireless Internet™ again, which makes just about everything easier. Blog posting, obviously - but also looking up trivia ("where on Earth have I seen that movie actor before?" being a favourite question around here), uploading photos to Flickr of course, and even (*shudder*) doing work. From home. On a Statutory Holiday.

Our next, biggest challenge will be re-synchronizing ourselves with the school/work day schedule by Monday morning. No more sleeping late, lounging about in pajamas until mid-day, and snacking throughout. No more staying up to watch movies. Back to the daily routine, which, to be honest, is looking like a nice option after two solid weeks off.

And for the new year? Well, given recent events, I'm hoping for less travel, at least to the US, since border crossing has once again escalated into a complicated gauntlet of security checks, restrictions on what you can and can't be reading/working on/playing with on the plane, and other general Scroogeiness. And just when I'd perfected the "shoes and belt and pockets" security-check dance. No, in the near future I'm hoping for nothing more exotic than a trip to Montréal, for which I will once again take the train, an altogether much more civilized experience than negotiating airport security these days.

Or perhaps somewhere I can drive, since I rather enjoy transporting myself. Armed, as always, with a camera, and the potential for some diversions along the way. Like that last trip home, where I detoured along the Loyalist Parkway for the first time in many, many years, revisiting the Glenora Ferry, which I remember as being a highlight of family trips when I was young. I'm pleased to report that some things, in keeping with the Christmas theme of tradition, never change.

M.V. Glenora
M.V. Glenora, coming to take me home.

All the best for 2010, everyone.


rpg said...

And all the best to you, friend.

(and... FIRST!)

john.g. said...

Happy New Year, R'Puss!

Ricardipus said...

Thanks, lads. Right back at ya both, of course.

Alethea said...

Happy New Year to you, Richard - and many more. What gorgeous photos to start it out with. Thank you. Still reading, just behind as always. Some things never change!

Maybe make a resolution to stop over in Europe on those travels you so enjoy this year, eh?

Ricardipus said...

That would be excellent. :) And a much more attractive option than traveling to the US at the moment.

WyldWoods (WW.N) said...

I think I qualify as reading again if not still. But my last couple of posts point to reasons that I kind of stopped reading everyone.

And I should say, there is a reason I prefer driving up to NS instead of flying even though flying would have saved a few hours. Only a few though once you add in transport to and from airports, check-in, waiting, etc. Now it is even closer to even and a lot less hassle to drive acorss the border than to fly.