Sunday, September 28, 2008

On the road again

No, not another trip down Highway 401, solo in the car, nor to the sunny southern states. This isn't an epic road trip in the manner of Dawn, either - it's just the morning commute. I'm on the road again because we're into the school year, and Mrs. Ricardipus is back in classes.

So, with drop-off duties for the Junior Ricardipi messing up my morning train schedule, I've elected to drive all the way downtown to work, a couple of days each week. Which, although environmentally unfriendly, is actually kind of a pleasure. Good music on the stereo, and the opportunity to explore the city as I negotiate its twists and turns, looking for the best saw-off between speed, scenery and calm traffic. It's even almost cost-effective, since staff parking where I work is only marginally more expensive than the train ticket, and less expensive than the trip should I decide to use the subway in even one direction to or from the train station to the office. What about the cost of gas, you say? Let's just ignore that for now.

Naturally, such a drive affords opportunities for on-the-fly photography of local buildings:

Whitney Block, Toronto
Don't try this at full speed, folks.

The downside, of course, is that I am afforded every opportunity of being distracted by things parked at the side of the road, like this:

Ferrari 328 GTS
You know, I've never seen a 328 GTS before.

and this:

1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
A bit less high-performance, but very pretty.

Not to mention the local Lotus and Aston Martin dealerships. It's surprising how easy it is to modify my route to pass by them.

Ah well, dangers abound everywhere. If I wasn't driving, I'd be walking to the station most days, and I'll confess I was late for a train because I had to stop and take photos of this pretty little Datsun:

Datsun 260Z, front quarter view
A 260Z. Pretty in blue.

And the Ford GT, well that was a different story entirely - I made the train, but did have to run a bit.

Ford GT
Photoshoppery has occurred.

Sad case, me. But there you go. Driving to and from work, a couple of times a week, keeping my eyes peeled, shooting digital from the hip.


#Debi said...

What kind of doors do you have on your car, that you can shoot photos from the hip? Seriously, though, the Karmann Ghia has been one of my favorite cars, ever since Get Smart (the series). My ex had one, but it wasn't enough to keep me there, mostly because like most of his cars, it was generally up on blocks...

john.g. said...

That Ford GT is seriously nice!

Ricardipus said...

#debi - hm, I hadn't realized Maxwell Smart drove a KG... I must have watched every episode when I was younger though.

John - it looked surprisingly good in that metallic gray. Sigh.

I wasn't able to photo the two Maserati Granturismos I saw recently, driving by...

Mr Farty said...

Oh aye, cars.

Did the photoshoppery involve taking the car out of a showroom and onto the road? It's just that I see no driver...took a while to register.

#Debi said...

You know, I did a bit of research to make sure I had my facts straight (or rather, that I remembered correctly). Wikipedia says that Maxwell Smart never actually drove the KG in the series, but in this YouTube video, the 3rd car appears to be a light blue KG convertible. Am I crazy? (Maybe I don't want to know the answer to that...)

Ricardipus said...

Debi - that sure does look like a blue Karmann Ghia to me.

Mr. Farty - nope, it was parked in the entrance to a swanky downtown hotel.