Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday morning after the snow.

Pecking away on the laptop, as I do, while thinking a bit about shoveling last night's somewhat anticlimactic winter storm out of the driveway. Thinking about it, I said. Not doing it.

Second cup of coffee, and hunger's setting in. Computers and breakfast... a combination that might reasonably result in this kind of nonsense:

egg and chips
Egg and chips, of course.

One might argue that I should be working on my government funding agency report, rather than taking silly photos like that one. One making such an argument would, however, get absolutely no sympathy from me. I am an accomplished, unapologetic and highly inventive procrastinator. Today's efforts have reached new heights, through the use of various tweaky applications such as Vexer, the bewildering Djuhn, and even dear old IrfanView:

Djuhn, followed by cut 'n paste, followed by Vexer. More or less.

One might attempt it.
Some lame mixed media thing, scanned and hacked to bits, then coloured with Vexer.

the lost manuscript
The same thing again, grayscaled and sepia'd and processed in IrfanView, etc. etc. etc.

Deadlines? What deadlines?


The Wrath of Dawn said...

Art now. Procrastinate later.

#Debi said...

Dawn, I may have to use that quote later...

R'pus: now, this is the type of thing that you should be putting on your office walls!*

*by that, I mean the photo of egg and chips, of course...

Rik said...

how about replacing the egg with 'π'

That way you'll have pi and chips.

zoe said...

what are the chips made out of? i need to know.

Ricardipus said...

Rik - excellent idea.

Zoe - um, mostly plastic, with a bit of steel probably, and some silicon, and some trace amounts of other heavy metals like lead, cadmium and probably bismuth or something weird like that.

I'm guessing. They're RAM from an old computer.

Rik said...

R'pus and Zoe: They are 72pin simms from about 1995 to 2000, and I'm guessing they are between 4Mb and 16Mb each. They would be probably made up of 8 or 9, or 16 or 17 chips (depending on capacity or error checking) and the actual chips would normally be dual in line packages made up of 16 to 24 pins each and in my experience are normally labelled as hyundai. They will be plastic with small zinc coated copper legs and leading inside to a small silicon of wafer that is etched by laser to make static circuits normally at a pitch of 12 - 16 microns.

Don't you get the impression you've embarked on my area of expertise?

WV: htski - a Russian memory manufacturer.