Sunday, January 27, 2008

In lieu of a real post, again

There is, as usual, not much of interest going on over here these days, so in my usual way I shall deflect your attention from the lack of a literary magnum opus by gratuitously posting some photos. Or, "how I spent my Christmas holiday with the in-laws".

I spent some time taking the usual arty shots of things around the back yard:

Galadriel's mirror
It's either Galadriel's mirror, or a birdbath.

A trip down to the waterfront to see the blustery, freezing cold of Lake Ontario:

Lake Ontario, winter 2007
There were ducks floating in the lake. Crazy birds.

Followed by a jaunt to take some shots of local photogenic correctional facilities, Kingston, Ontario being the undisputed capital of such things in Canada:

Disneyland North
Some people call this place Disneyland. It also has a minimum-security farm institution. Yes, a real farm.

Kingston Penitentiary
My brother once took an astonishing picture of these towers across Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, featuring a sailing ship that had sunk while at dock, using 1600 speed film in broad daylight. It was artistically grainy, to say the least. This place is maximum security and houses at least one notorious serial killer.

And of course there was the traditional Yule log on the fire (said log being purchased in the traditional manner from the grocery store, wrapped in paper and doubtless impregnated with traditional petrochemicals to help it burn):

Holiday fire.

And some presents, including this one which indicates that at least one person had been listening to me hinting over the previous month or two:

Somebody loves me.
It's a 250 GTO on the cover, in case anyone cares.

Oh, and I've decided that after inhabiting my current office at work for a year, its walls need some decoration. Suggestions, please. Those of you who might actually be feeling helpful and not inclined to suggest "Ozzy Osbourne poster", "collage made of bottle caps", or "multimedia art installation consisting of dried grass, mucilage, doll parts and human dung" might toddle over to Flickr and suggest a few of my photos that would be suitable for framing (if any). I'm just vain enough to put some of them on the wall.


Wonderferret said...

How about framing all your concert tickets in one massive collage ?

Ricardipus said...

Hm, now there's a thought...

The Wrath of Dawn said...

That's a good suggestion.

You could also frame some of my photos and then mail them to me.



How's about some C. Difficile portraits or other microbiological wonders, artfully PhotoShopped?

#Debi said...

I like Dawn's idea...

zoe said...

what about a collage using old office keys? i'm going to do one as i have so many, so everybody should as you know i am out to set the trend.

Ricardipus said...

Hm. I gave back the last set, have one from the place before that, and gave back the two sets before those.

Bad planning on my part I suppose.