Saturday, December 08, 2007

Three Seasonal Fragments


It has snowed here. Again. And I've had no time to go outside and take pictures of the Winter Wonderland that is the back yard (or the front yard for that matter). Mrs. Ricardipus is stringing lights on the tree, the classic Anne Murray Christmas album is playing on the stereo, and the whole family spent the day at a nearby mall shopping, going to see Santa, and enjoying the snowy countryside between here and there, horse farms and sheep and Christmas tree farms and all. The photo is a taste of last year, but it's beginning to look like that again.

In a snarky mood, as I am once again plowing through a large grant application (not ours this time, but one I'm reading through for various reasons), so for the remainder of the post you get some ancient, recycled poetry. Standard disclaimers apply, of course - these were written at least twenty years ago, trying to capture the bleakness of a winter far, far to the north of here.

Recycled picture, recycled words, recycled ideas. A veritable hat-trick of blogging.

Three Seasonal Fragments


the knives
in the winterstorm

shreds of flesh
deer meat
in cracking


in the darkness
of peace

the inner length
the knife


I am suffering
I am experiencing
I am a moss-fire


The Wrath of Dawn said...

Mrs. R. does this on a regular basis because she is EXCELLENT.

Also, we women are tougher than you. We just pretend to be the weaker sex so you'll do the heavy lifting.

In the spirit of this post, a recycled comment.

God, I'm funny! I slay me!

Ricardipus said...

I slay me!

Thanks. That'll save me the trouble. :P

zoe said...

ummmmmmm, great poetry.

Bob said...

It really was great poetry. I dissolved into pools, no, oceans of tears... must now go and rehydrate myself.

Ricardipus said...

Bob - get back to your books. What are you doing hanging around here reading this stuff?

Zoe - ta. There's more, you know.

Bob said...

Well, reading about action potentials and such like can only hold my attention for so long (ie. 2 minutes) so I have to do something to break the monotony...