Monday, July 09, 2007

Aha! A title, finally.

[Editorial note: the Blogger interface has decided, in its infinite wisdom, to stop me from entering a title. I click in the field, it does nothing. It's a little game we like to play.]

Yes, I know I'm late.

It all comes from being very, very busy you know. So busy that the standard disclaimer about poor quality of the following post is fully in force. So busy that on Sunday, what I should have been doing was working on any number of things - a grant application, some more consulting work, or even catching up on a personnel review or two. What I was doing, of course, was being a Valiant Prince Saving The Fair Princess, weilding a light saber, and clad in a very stylish black velvet sword belt with little gold studs, a Darth Vader cloak and a variety of silly hats. And riding about the basement on a large blue bouncer that I am reliably informed is named "Bouncy".

No, there aren't any photos.

Anyway, the Fair Princess in question was well and duly saved and that was the end of that, as well as pretty much being the end of any productive home-working time.

What there are photos of is the trip on Saturday to visit a whole whack of cousins (to whom I am technically not related at all) who were a) visiting from Scotland, b) staying in a rather nice rented house near a village in [Warning! The following URL has silly music!] Prince Edward County, and therefore c) over two hours' drive away. So the visit was nice, but completely wiped out any work-time I might have had on Saturday.

But there were lots of pretty flowers:

white flowers, again

some mushrooms:

another mushroom

a rail fence:

rail fence 2

and even some wildlife:


plus all of the aforementioned cousins. So we had a nice time, and I'm fairly sure that they think I'm only slightly demented for rushing about taking pictures of lawn furniture, ratty old fence rails and the neighbour's garden.

Ah well, it's what I do I suppose.

Now, off to work...


#Debi said...

I like the way, on your labels, that you put a comma between "loon" and "Ricardipus". As if they were two different things...

Great photos! And I also would've taken at least one of the lawn flamingo. It's a uniquely detailed variety that I've not seen around here...

spgchqk: a cheque that goes bouncy, bouncy, all the way to the bank (and back)

john.g. said...

I think I prefer the fence rail(nice lichen), to the tacky plastic flamingo!

Ricardipus said...

Thanks, John.

If you toddle on over to Flickr, you'll see some more shots of that fence, with close-up of the lichen in question.

Debi - you are correct, "Ricardipus" = "loon".

The Wrath of Dawn said...

oicsibax -

Ricardipus said...

...and "oicsibax" to you, too, with a side helping of "vxggpna"!