Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From the HR file, again

Among the resumés piled high on my desk, these little gems:

I also have glory teaching experience.

To which the only response must be: HALLELUJAH!!!

...and experience with ferret.

Which leaves me a little worried. Perhaps Wonderferret can shed some light on this statement - who knows?


Rik said...

Perhaps the job is for a TV evangelist, who blesses long furry rodents. In which case, it sounds like you've got your man.

WV: uruuabd - Text speak for someone telling you you've been naughty.

The Wrath of Dawn said...

Well, it does give one pause for thought. If not "glory" what did s/he mean to type? "Gory?" Mwargh!

"Experience with ferret."

Yes, but which? MSFerret 1.2 or 3.4? Makes a world of difference, you know.

wonderferret said...

MSferret, an early version of Microsoft Search (tm)
Abandoned after 1 version as all it would retrieve from teh internets was pictures of rabbits.

Hmmmm Experience with ferret ....
Misspelling of ferrous perhaps? Along with gore this would indicate a familiarity with edged steel weapons.

Run away! Run away NOW!

nrlFUP MSFerret error code

Ricardipus said...

Mad, all of you.

Completely mad.

Bob said...

I believe 'hallelujah' should actually be spelt 'halleluiah' seeing as how 'jehovah' was supposed to start with an 'i'...

rlkvuc - vacuum cleaner specially for ferrets