Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lazy, lazy blogging

Inspired by a recent post by Dawn, I toddled on over to StatCounter to have a look at my referrer logs. They're the nice people who bring you the webstats widget over in the sidebar - you know, the one that looks like this:


Ok, so maybe it doesn't look exactly like that, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, here's what I found out:

Most common keywords used to find this blog:
scary spot the difference (referring to this, I guess)

Tied for second place, more or less relevant:
choir arnold schwarzenneger toronto (here)
fostex 160 cassette (here, and a few other places)
cool edit mp3 codec doesn't work (same place as the Fostex reference, I suppose)

A perfectly reasonable way of getting here:
the most boring longest sentence (presumably from this post, or the one before it, although many things typed on this blog would probably qualify)

Another perfectly reasonable one:
complaining about the weather (constantly)

From the quotations on the sidebar I guess, scraping the bottom of the relevance barrel:
macbeth 2007 release locations

Most poetic:
trumpet viney

Just plain weird:
critique sinus infection discovery

Ah well. Nothing to compete with "god damnit just get me the bear with the ladybug on it's face", but slightly amusing nonetheless.


#Debi said...

Concerning the quotes on your sidebar, I don't know how anyone would read them. I always thought that they were some sort of pattern since the text is so small compared to your posts that they look like just lines. Is that just my browser, or do others see the page that way, too? I just increased the text size on the page 3 times, and still couldn't read them. Not complaining, you understand, just curious...

Ricardipus said...

Debi - thanks for the tip. How odd. Nobody's mentioned that before, maybe because nobody else pays that much attention to the things I stuff in the sidebar. I suggest you go out and buy a 42" monitor. That should do the trick.

Seriously though... what does the rest of the sidebar look like? The quotes are the same font size as everything else (e.g. the descriptions of the blogs, etc.). At least, they are on my screen.

*toddles off to thrash the blog template

The Wrath of Dawn said...

I don't have any problem reading the quotes...

But I would request a little less of the lazy with regards to my good ladyself, if you don't mind*.

*Hits too close to home.

Ricardipus said...

Lazy? Just wait 'til my *next* post, which will more than likely rip off something over at Debi's blog.

Sorry, didn't mean to imply anything with regards to your most excellent blog, etc. etc. grovel grovel whimper run away.

#Debi said...

It must be my browser, then. As to what it looks like for me, you know that line on a cheque (that spelling's for you) where you sign your name? The one that if you look at it through a magnifying glass, you see that it's actually made of text? That's what it looks like...