Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring means it's Ferrari season

Yes, Ferrari season north of Toronto has officially begun, with the first sighting of the year yesterday. A bright red F430 Spider, on a day where the racing version also triumphed at the American Le Mans race at Long Beach (in the GT2 class; 12™ overall). Although I at first thought it was a 360 Modena (a much more common 'rari), on closer observation the characteristic double mirror stalks and teardrop-shaped front air vents were clear as day.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera with me (not that anybody who reads this blog probably cares about car pictures anyway). Later on, I went out to the local renovation store (ok, Home Depot, a store I have a love-hate relationship with) , bearing Junior Ricardipus #1's mighty, 0.1 megapixel Disney Pix Micro, and grabbed some other car shots en route. The Pix Micro has the advantage of being tiny, about six and a half by four and a half centimetres, and weighs almost nothing, so it's easy to hold and shoot with it while still keeping both hands on the wheel. Definitely would not be the case for Mrs. Ricardipus' digital monster.

The resulting shots, as you might imagine, are a bit random in nature. This Porsche was the best picture of the bunch. The rest are over on Flickr, in the set located here.


In the back yard, the male goldfinches are becoming handsomer and handsomer, another sure sign of impending summer. Here are a couple of shots, with the usual disclaimers about shooting through dirty windows, zooming waaaay in, and so forth.


#Debi said...

"...the usual disclaimers about shooting through dirty windows, zooming waaaay in, and so forth."

You make it sound like you're working for the National Enquirer or something. A paparazza for tits, as it were... (oh, wait, they already have those...)

Ariel said...

From wheels to birds in one swift transition... typical bloke! V. witty.

Ricardipus said...

I honestly hadn't been thinking of "birds" in the sense of "women"... argh. Now I have to change my tagline!

Or not.

The Wrath of Dawn said...


That is all.

Black Knight said...

How about being obsessed with "tits and tappets"?

Although that's probably even more ambiguous, actually.

Ricardipus said...

Dawn, vrooooooooooom your way back on over to your place and post something, will you? There's a good bird.

*runs away

P.S. "fdbuq" - chicken destined for the table

cxc0923 said...
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