Saturday, April 14, 2007

It never rains but it pours

Or in this case, snows. Like it did Thursday night. In April. Friday morning looked like a Winter Wonderland, although to be fair it was only a couple of centimetres deep and it all melted pretty quickly. Didn't stop traffic from slowing down to a crawl though. You'd think we'd be used to the stuff by now.

And now it's Saturday morning, and I am tired. I got an emergency call yesterday afternoon from a consulting client who needed information for a meeting this morning. Fortunately, she's two time zones west of here, so I could work past midnight, email the information, and still be confident she'd have time to look at it before she had to get some sleep. Of course, this means I went to bed about three hours later than I really wanted to.

Also in the pipeline is another consulting gig, for a company that used to employ me but saw fit to lay me off and now needs my considerable expertise again. Hear that noise? That's the sound of the hourly rate ratcheting up.

Just kidding. Also just kidding about the "considerable expertise" thing - they could get all kinds of people to provide the information they need, but I guess I'm cheapest, or easiest, or the biggest mercenary they know, or something.

But it all adds up to extra work on top of the full-time gig. What with completing that Government of Canada report (which, by the way, they have yet to pay me for), fighting with email, the day job, the family, reading other peoples' blogs (including this tasty science one I just found), and messing about with Flickr, it's remarkable that I even have time to toss off blog posts of my own. So you should all feel very, very sorry for me and send me chocolate and stuff. Because I deserve it.*

*Some aspects of this statement may not be entirely true.


john.g. said...

Never mind, it was 23C here today, and the blue tits are warmer!!

Black Knight said...

My tits in Sydney were quite warm, too. Glorious, not-quite-autumnal day for my birthday. Fired up both barbecues and had beer, sausages, beer, steak, prawns and beer. Did I mention beer?

Oh r'pus; if time zones are an issue then we should go into partnership. I think we're about 14 hours ahead of you, not a mere 3.

Ricardipus said...

You guys and your tits.

bk - Happy Birthday! And yes, that sounds like a plan. I suspect that if we do it right, we could actually complete tasks before the clients ask for them. Or something.

Black Knight said...

mmm. It's a quantum thing; we just throw some words together and when a client asks for a report we just pick a random bunch of them and collapse the waveform.

Schrödinger's Consultancy. I like it.

(Any professional regard you might have had has now been blown, you realize?)