Sunday, April 01, 2007

Not entirely obsessed with cars and birds, really

Miserable, rainy weather this weekend... bleak. Like this:


However, the Goldfinches are here with a vengeance, and some of the little fellows are beginning to yellow up nicely. If you like, compare the photo below with the one from last weekend. By the time breeding season rolls around (and these little birds breed later than other species), the males will all be striking in splendid bright yellow and black trim.


I tried to take a picture of some grackles, but the results were miserably out of focus. Next time, perhaps.


In other news, the spring crop of sports cars is not quite under way, although a banana-yellow Mustang GT made an appearance yesterday, as did a Porsche 944 and a couple of Boxsters. People drive Mustangs and Porsches year-round here though, so nothing really unusual there.


Anna said...

higcghn =April Fools (the Cannuck way)

john.g. said...

Your Goldfinches are a lot yellower(is that a word?) than ours. We have just had the first robin chicks fledge and fly. Early this year, as it's not been that warm.

Ricardipus said...

john.g: yes, they're a different species - not quite as colourful as the European Goldfinch, but as you say, yellower.

Perfectly good word, I say.

Robins are around here (different species also) although not even nesting yet.

"ddifseyk" - what you say when Anna puts one over on you on April Fools' day.

Rik said...

You complain about the weather. At least you don't live under the CN tower.

pnkdvmw: the noise a table sized slab of ice makes as it falls through the back window of your car.

Ricardipus said...

Rik - yeah, it's fun, that. Totally caught everyone unawares. The police had no idea what to do except close the Gardiner Expressway for a while.