Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Prepare to be disappointed... this post.*

Oh Ye Gods And Little Fishes** I'm busy at the moment. This evening is turning into the Night Of A Thousand PowerPoints™, in preparation for an Advisory Board meeting on Friday. So far today:

1. edited Boss's presentation a couple of times
2. reviewed six Managers' presentations with them, then made all the edits
3. migrated Computer Guy's presentation onto the right template, fixed a couple of things and generally cleaned it up a bit
4. created a couple of bar graphs for one Manager and moved those onto hers
5. had a three minute meeting about Marketing Guy's presentation
6. looked over Extremely Competent Person Whose Office I Used to Camp Out In While She Was Away™'s presentation and made some inane comments on it
7. thought a bit about my presentation, which is, um, still vapourware at this point.

As well as about a thousand other similarly stimulating things, including not one, not two, but three phone calls on my way to work.

This all started first thing this morning, continued on the bus home, and is still in progress now. Not to be confused with last night, or the night before, mind you.

Why am I doing all this, you might ask? Well, as I don't want our spiffy facility to look bad in front of the Distinguished International Guests™, I've taken custody of formatting, making fixes and adding content to everyone's presentations. Because they'll all be much, much better if I do it.***

I do promise, however, that none of the resulting presentations will be as content-free as this post, and absolutely, positively, none of them will look like this one.

*"Ricardiblog. Prepare to be dissapointed." is what it used to say up in the title bar of this blog, way back when (ok, August 2006).
**This is something my mother used to say. I have no clue where it came from but it's occasionally useful, like here.
***No, really, it's true.


Rik said...

You mean you use Powerpoint in anger? I used to teach Powerpoint to people at the college, but I have to admit I never knew why. It's like when I was at college I learnt to program Pascal. I can now program over 40 languages, and have never had to use Pascal in anger. I can feel a blog post coming on...

BK said...


So why are you blogging instead of working, ay?

Thanks for the link. I'm surrently cipping a pint of hoimebrew, instead of choosing refernces for mu zinc finger review article, as you can probably tell from my appalling, nay egregious tyoping.

hmxaecs - mutated human umbilical cells

BK said...

ooh oh oh DAMN — I meant to say have I have Pages and Keynote on my shiny new iMac, and HOT SWEET CHILLI DAMN, they're nice.

And ye gods and little fishes - I'm sure I've heard my mother in law (in NZ) say that. maybe it's a colonial thing.

iefwpjek: a Polish system for isoelectric focussing

Ricardipus said...

bk has had a bit much of said "hoimebrew", methinks.

"yaluquok" - some kind of Yeti from Iqaluit or thereabouts.

#Debi said...

Back to work, you...

I may be the last person on earth who doesn't know how to use Powerpoint, and isn't interested in learning. I can do all that with a pdf slideshow, I think... I suppose I'll have to learn at some point, but I'm resisting...

haqhjhc - a sneeze in Arabic. Allah bless me! :^)

ExAfrica said...

Oh Ye Gods And Little Fishes could I use you at work.

God help the poor sods that I train with my PowerPoints.


The Wrath of Dawn said...

1) My mother used to say "Egads and little fishes."

2) We use PowerPoint (spit) at work.

3) My colleagues know how to use it.

4) Don't you have any secretaries at that workplace of yours?

qqdoq - some kind of Yeti from Iqaluit or thereabouts' dog