Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not so very much the world traveller

Hello. I have just spent, oh, five hours on a plane. It started like this:

and progressed rapidly to this:

after the batteries on the laptop ran out. I didn't bother watching the James Bond-y thing that was showing on the plane, although in retrospect perhaps I should have done, since my alternative plan of sleeping didn't work out so well.

But... the hotel has high-speed, for free, and I was greeted with a Big Bag O' Swag™ donated by the kind folks at a certain Big Biotech Instrumentation Company that's hosting me. Tasty, tasty treats and bottled water imported all the way from Tuscany (allegedly). Just right after a long and tedious day, started off by my usual trick of showing up at the airport several hours too early.

A day there, then off to Orange County again for a day, then home. With no time for sight-seeing, alas, although truth be told I'm a bit of a homebody anyway and would rather be there than here. But no matter - off to bed and I'll doubtless wake up at 4:00 AM, since dealing with the three-hour time difference isn't really something I'm terribly good at.

Good night, all.


bk said...

Five hours?

A measly 5 hours??!!


Rik said...

5 hours? That's less time then it takes me to get to Gatwick on a weekday...

The last time I flew out, last March, I was on planes or in airports for no less then 23.5 hours. It kinda put me off flying for life.

fokwqb: the name of a bed you find on a plane.

WyldWoods (WW.N) said...

I drive over 5 hours each way to see TWIL, two or three weekends a month. More when I can.

zoe said...

FIVE HOURS ? it took me longer to get to Valencia, what with all transfers.

nice to put a young face to the ricardipus - who is he, your son ?;)

The Wrath of Dawn said...

Five hours? FIVE HOURS??? Is that all?

I don't really feel that way, I'm just easily led.

For me, five minutes on a plane is too long.

kcztoq - Tuscany's best.

P.S. - Yer kyoote!

bk said...

But isn't he just, WoD?


wv: yrntxfex — a mid-west silly hat

Ricardipus said...

Pah upon all of you - it's my trip, I can complain about it if I want to!

Nice weather though.

"fadgjr" - a type of Norwegian badger.