Monday, December 04, 2006


As I noted recently, a few months ago I traveled to the Land of Many Freeways™, a place sadly devoid of interesting vehicles, other than the vintage Ford GT40 that puttered by me on my way through El Toro. I did, however, see a few examples of the ridiculous Scion xB, an inordinately ugly vehicle that looks like a full-size van that's been squashed from front to back and had its legs chopped off to boot.

What's worse, people lower them. As in, low-ridin', pneumatic suspension, probably could bounce up and down like they do in rap videos.

Foul. I even saw one here, in the Land of Not Quite So Many Freeways But Horrible Traffic Nonetheless™. Unfortunately, the bus driver could not be convinced to run it over.


Since it snowed on the weekend, I am forced to accept that sports car season is really over, and I must therefore bid adieu to my friends, at least until spring:

Farewell Aston Martin DB9, and your friend the Ferrari 360 Modena which was going in the other direction. And all the other Modenas, 360 Spiders and the 360 Challenge Stradale, silly red-white-and-green racing stripe and all.

Au revoir to the other 'raris: both 512 Testarossas, the Maranello (550 or 575M, couldn't tell which, it was far away and moving fast), F40, F355, 348 seen at the garden centre (of all places), ugly Mondial, 308 GTS (and at least two other 308s) .

Until we meet again: Maserati Coupés and Spyders (at least five), Mercedes SL55 AMG (a couple at least), the orange(!) Lamborghini Murcielago (probably, it was a long way away) and the yellow Gallardo, the bright red Lotus Esprit, the Bentley Continental GT (ugly as sin), some kind of Saleen-ified Mustang, a gorgeous vintage Sunbeam Tiger and the various and assorted Alfa Romeo Spiders.

Obsessed, moi ?


In other news, I took a whole bunch of photos of electronics and vacuum tubes over the weekend, a few of which actually turned out ok. They're all on Flickr. And Misty has a couple of nice new Flickr groups to look at as well, to which yours truly has contributed a few snaps.


Finally, you'll all be happy to know that recently, the Ricardiblog was as high as #9 on a Google search for "Titwank", courtesy of Milady's comment on my second post ever. We seem to have slipped a bit since then, although doubtless my typing the word again here will boost things up again. Why would I know this, you ask? Referrer logs, of course.


Rik said...

I counted to 100 with no mention of you on google, so apparently you have to be more gratuitous and mention titwank again.
Not that I know what a titwank is.
Or where to get a titwank.
Or even if there is such a word as titwank.
But, I'll just have to succomb to the fact that perhaps I'll never understand a titwank.

verification: wytiw, the noise made during a titwank.

BK said...

'anal sex' is probably a good one.

At least, it made a JCS paper get many, many more hits than it should have when 'sex' and 'anal' were used in the title, in a paper on C. elegans. . .

Anna said...

Um, that a new species of bird?

Ricardipus said...

Anna - it's a nematode worm.

I still can't compete with Scaryduck though... anyone who uses the word "f*ckery" as many times as he did last Friday is going to see a lot of web traffic.

Oh dear, there goes the PG-13 rating. Again.

Dr Pneumonia said...

Yes, but scaryduck is a scatological adolescent. You have far more style than that.

I want to say that the worm is a 'she', but I've only looked at live worms once.

Rik said...

R'pus: There's a puzzle over on my blog, I could use your immense intellect on.

Yes, both brain cells.

No, not the pickled ones.

Verification: mrpshtiq - the noise made by my brain over the puzzle.

BK said...

No need Whiffler, done it for you. And I'm sick. Ph34r M3.

Ricardipus said...

Some notes:

1. rik, I tried your puzzle and it stumped me. See my comment over at your place.

2. bk - your solution doesn't work, I suspect that your current crop of meds must be muddling your thought processes a bit.

3. dr pneumonia aka Black Knight - all the worm pics I put on Flickr are of hermaphrodites so whether or not you refer to it as 'she' is entirely up to you, I think.

'cakbytwy' - Demi Moore's latest boyfriend

Rik said...

How horrid is that puzzle. It was sent home by a teacher for the 8 year old son of a friend. Apparently he was crying. Can you blame him?

cakbwtwy: A village in mid Wales.

BK said...

It's not a geometry puzzle, it's a logic one. At the start he has not entered the first cell; he is there. Therefore he is free to enter it once.