Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays...

...get me down, or so the song goes.

Tuesday Evening rain, Toronto

These photos, on the other hand, were taken on a Tuesday evening. With only my pocket camera to hand, the trusty Sony DSC-W130 that I picked up out of the rewards catalogue over at another online haunt of mine, miles of not-so-open road between work and home, and a dreary day - well, it seemed a good opportunity to experiment.

I walk in the rain.

I'll figuratively tip my hat to fellow Flickr member Giuseppe Basile, who has taken some very nice shots in this general style. Take a look at this one, as an example.

I actually messed these last two up a bit, intending to focus on the subject while letting the raindrops on the window fall out of focus and provide some kind of nice, shimmery blur. That was the concept, anyway, but I underestimated the W130's ability to focus on things very, very close to it - and got the raindrops sharp instead. Happy accident - I think they ended up looking better this way.

On a dreary day, wear pink.

Somedays, I guess, dismal weather is good, and somedays it's helpful to have only the simple gear along. If I'd tried this with my DSLR, I probably would have failed miserably. But that's not always going to be the best solution. With a weekend of car racing coming up, I'll be quite happy to haul the "big" camera along - and have no rain, I hope.


Aled Hughes said...

Interesting photos, and very good! I've just been to Ireland where I rented a car. When it rained - no, it doesn't always rain there, only seems like it - the wipers were useless, and the scenes in the photos were what I was getting when driving. Very scary.

WrathofDawn said...

I like.

kdoyle said...

Definitely frame-worthy!

Diogenes Baena said...

I like shots like these: short on specifics, big on feelings