Monday, March 21, 2011

Hockey Pool, week 24

Once again, my turn to host the update, brought to you by the letters V, W, X and the number 610, which coincidentally is the size of the heap of points amassed by perennial leader Lavaland.

This week again, she was the biggest gainer, after a couple of less-than-stellar performances that allowed me to sneak within one point after week 23. Cath and ScientistMother also had a strong week, while I slipped a bit. Bob seems to be tanking, which means I don't have to look over my shoulder quite so nervously at the moment.

Overall, Lavaland's strong performance over the weekend has catapulted her back out in front, although I was actually leading by one point earlier in the week. After a strong week 23, Chall suffered a big deflection, leaving ScientistMother planted firmly in fifth. Cath's good performances over the last three weeks have paralleled the leader, letting her hold on to fourth.

What will happen over the rapidly-decreasing number of remaining games? Will I catch Lavaland? Who will win the duel for fourth? Will Bob regain his mojo and chase me down for second? Stay tuned folks... but not here, because that's likely my last update for the year. Twitter is your friend, hashtag #VWXpool.


Bob O'H said...

*shakes fist at my players*

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Thanks Ricardipus!

I've had some decent scores in recent weeks - too bad I left it so late to start doing well! Oh well, after so long stuck in 7th place it's nice to be a little higher up the rankings!

Ricardipus said...

Cath - you are most welcome of course.

Bob - try picking some papers who don't have multiple double-i's, lots of j's and umlauts and those crossed o things, or names ending in sssssson. ;)