Sunday, February 24, 2008

YYZ to FL and back, in six easy photos

As promised, here are a few photos I took on my recent Florida trip, disposable film camera in hand.

It was snowy before I left, although I got out of Toronto in a window between the ice pellets in the morning, and the 30+ centimetres of snow that started in the late afternoon. This same storm pounded the midwestern US, causing all kinds of problems for people changing planes in Chicago, Detroit and similar places.

YYZ, in the snow

The hotel was rather nice, with quaint little round balconies:

Marco Island, balconies

The view in the other direction gives you some idea of the flatness of this part of Southwest Florida:

Marco Island - land of flatness

The beach was nice too, and I even managed to find a couple of shells to bring back for the kids.

Marco Beach, Florida

The flight back was uneventful:

Florida from the air

And, of course, it was snowing again when I got home.

This is what I came home to.

So there you go. These and a couple of others are in this Flickr set.

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