Monday, November 12, 2007




that is the sound of my head exploding.

More later. After I finish a lot of work. And prepare two talks. And fly to Calgary and back.


In other news, it seems that the not-so-dismal weather on the weekend brought a hopeful Ferrari 360 Modena out of the woodwork for one last fling. Also seen on my trip all the way downtown to pick up the laptop power cord that I forgot to bring home on Friday: a BMW M6, ugly but quick, and a Mercedes E63 AMG, ugly but expensive, powerful and stinking of suburban affluence.


The Wrath of Dawn said...



oocyi - what readers would say if R'pus' head exploded

#Debi said...


ONOZ! But it was only a waffer thin mint...

Alethea said...

Heard the echoes on this side of the Atlantic.

I hope there are no sympathetic tremors going on, that's all.

@#debi: :-)

Rik said...

was it a subtle 'squeeze the brains out the orifices' type of explosion or a full blown shotgun to the cranium explosion? Enquiring minds want to know.

Ricardipus said...

rik - blammo, vaporized and out both ears at once, leaving an empty head behind, grinning foolishly. Couple of IQ points left, just ticking over and keeping the place warm.

'omvzqqhj!!!' - what you shout when your head goes [potch].

rpg said...

So, how do we tell the difference?
(Apart from the mess on the wall behind you)

/me ducks

Ricardipus said...

Oi, rpg, your blog is looking nice these days. Linkied from mine now.

rpg said...

you are da win. Very nice of you. remind me to reciprocate some day.

Arthur Dent said...

My leg made the exact same noise the other day! It might have been my butt, though. Hmmm, maybe my head really is up there after all.

I just want to take a new Audi R8 out for a jaunt at 301 km/h