Saturday, October 20, 2007



Not much to report... just been playing around a bit with Vexer, a rather fun but almost incomprehensible graphic art tool that Mike, who hangs out over at Flickr, turned me on to. It's loads of fun to play with, if somewhat unpredictable and almost completely lacking in instructions.

Here's a photo of mine, given the Vexer treatment:

water lily, processed

And some more crazy stuff:

bacteria, dividing and encapsulated

More in the art set.

Everything above links through to the Flickr photos, since, once again, the Blogger image upload tool is broken.


#Debi said...

OK, now you're just showing off. Looks like you've got left-brain AND right-brain locked down. Good stuff! Of your older works, I think I like the sunrise over the earth one and the man with the glasses the best...

It's a shame that this Vexer is not Mac-friendly. Vexer, indeed!

The Wrath of Dawn said...

Never mind Mac friendly, it's not friendly at all. It only opens pictures really, teeny, tiny so you can't see what you're doing and I'm too crabby to try to figure it out. Perhaps on a day when I have a shred of patience left.

HA! I typed "shred of patients" the first time. Now, that's disturbing.

Ricardipus said...

Dawn - agreed, it's unfriendly. It defaults to 600 x 600 pixels on new (blank) images I think. Should be big enough to see with your new glasses, I think.

*runs like the proverbial dickens

'teclukl' - an indigenous North American people that were good at running

Dawn said...

You'd better run, buster.

uxinf - What'll be left of R'pus once I catch him.

P.S. - Boy, was I crabby.

Wonderferret said...

Well thats demonstrated the limits of my artistic ability. I'm off to play with body mods instead.

The Wrath of Dawn said...

If Wonderferret can't master it either, I feel much better.


*does the posty dance*