Friday, September 28, 2007

The new school curriculum lesson plan, according to Junior Ricardipus #1

Which he completed as part of his homework assignment: "what would you do if you were the teacher"?

I would take attendance. I would teach how Earth looked at the time of the dinosaurs. I would let the class play games in the morning, and in the afternoon I would give them no homework.

Why wasn't school like this when I was in Grade Two?

I shall keep this on file, as I'm sure his mother will be able to use it, once she's a teacher.


In other news, the F430 Spider has disappeared and was replaced yet again by its friend the 599 GTB Fiorano. And downtown, a Maserati Biturbo Si, circa 1987, I believe very similar to one that Jeremy Clarkson drops a skip on. Oh yes, and a while ago, a Maybach 57 S, driven by some guy in an expensive suit buying a coffee at Tim Horton's along with the rest of us plebs. It may be the most expensive car I've ever had the opportunity (opportunity, folks, not inclination) to kick. And one of the most boring looking, to boot (so to speak).

Oh yes, I almost forgot: last weekend, within half an hour of each other, a Ferrari 308 GTB and a Testarossa, probably a 512 TR, both red. This weekend - nothin'. So far.


The Wrath of Dawn said...

I heart JR#1.

No homework.

Dude knows what he's talkin' about.

wonderferret said...

Brilliant! All I need is a time machine and to be 7 again.

john.g. said...

R'pus, dont know the lyrics."All our times have come..."

Just read the test on the new Ferrari F430 Scuderia, awesome beast! 4.3-litre V8, 503bhp, 198mph, 0-62 in 3.6 secs,11.6 to 124mph, and 20.9 secs toncover a kilometre!

Ricardipus said...

John.g - "Don't Fear The Reaper" by the Blue Oyster Cult.

And yes... it's a monster. The F430 GT's are doing well in the American Le Mans series too, punting the Porsches all over the place.

john.g. said...

B*gger BOC were one of the first 'rock groups' I got into!!

Ricardipus said...

John - check this concert ticket out.

Mosher said...

I was in Geneva a couple of weeks ago. You couldn't piss on a street corner without hitting $3million worth of automobiles driving past. Insane city.

#Debi said...


That is all.