Monday, September 03, 2007

Labour Day Weekend

The end of the summer is here and next week will mark some milestones. Next week, Mrs. Ricardipus will be back at University for the first time in a long time, learning to be a teacher. The junior Ricardipi will therefore have their first experience with after-school daycare, and Junior Ricardipus #2 (who goes to Senior Kindergarten this year, two or three days a week), her first experience with all-day daycare, on those days she's not at school.

All of which will mean that I will have to pull up my socks, and take on more responsibilities for getting the juniors to school, occasionally from school, and distract occupy them while Mrs. R'pus is doing her own homework. Fair enough, really - she's put this career on hold for a lot of years while I sorted my own out.

So we packed the last weekend of the summer full of activities - the zoo on Saturday, where we saw all manner of animals as usual, including some surprising activity from the Dholes. Usually, they're just lazing around.

another Dhole, also moving fast

Junior #2 was very pleased see the Przewalski's horse foals, who are lurking around in this picture:

Przewalski's Horses

And there were those endearingly silly baby Ostriches, who were still eggs last time we were there. They're about three weeks old now, and the size of a bushel basket, roughly.

Plus I took the usual raft of photos of flowers and things:

crazy flowering plant

black and green butterfly

More here.

And yesterday, off to Wonderland again where the two adults have discovered the water-slides... wheeeeeeeeeeee! Tag-teaming looking after the kids, and rushing off to the slides. It seems like a guilty pleasure, somehow.

Today, off to the local park and (I hope) relaxing at home a bit. Before all hell breaks loose tomorrow.


In other news, the hummingbirds have been around the back yard, as they often are for a day or two in early fall, loading up on nectar for the long flight to Mexico. And there's been a blue and white budgie joyriding around the neighbourhood, which is not something you see every day.


john.g. said...

Lovely pics, RP! Good luck to Mrs, RP!

Ricardipus said...

Ta, John. Wish me good luck too, I've got more kid-juggling to do than I'm used to...

The Wrath of Dawn said...

Just don't kid juggle with the sun in your eyes. Ya wouldn't wanna drop one of 'em.

Best of luck to Mrs. R. I hope you bought her a shiny new lunchbox for the occasion.