Tuesday, August 14, 2007


That's the noise an Allosaurus makes, apparently.

Which I heard in person, at the Walking With Dinosaurs live show, which visited the Air Canada Centre on the weekend. The two Junior Ricardipi and I also visited the ACC, at the same time.

And it was this: great. Lots of fun fog and lighting effects, huge audioanimatronic dinosaurs, smaller dinosaurs with people inside them (operating them, not being eaten) and narration by a guy who was like a calmed-down Nigel Marven with a hint of Aussie accent. Absolutely great. JR#2 was a little scared, and maybe the show was a teeny bit long for her, but JR#1 was entranced the whole time. The only downside was that Mrs. Ricardipus didn't come, since the tickets were horrendously expensive. But she got a bit of time to herself, which was nice.

The show-stealer was a baby T-Rex... until mummy T-Rex came along to fetch her home, that is.

And as a bonus, in the drizzle on the way home I saw a jet-black Ferrari Testarossa. That dual mirror-stalk is unmistakeable, just in case I missed the ridiculously huge cheesecutter side strakes. 400 horsepower-ish and rear-wheel-drive - not the first vehicle I'd choose to drive in the rain, though.


In other news, the wretched report from before has given way to a grant application, which got polished off yesterday. Now I have a progress report to complete, for tomorrow. All of these are for the same funding agency. What, do they think we don't sleep?


WOnderferrEt said...

Surely "RAAARRRHH!!" is the sound of the Ferrari Testarossa?

Ricardipus said...

Could be. It was stopped by the side of the road, maybe waiting for the rain to stop.

The 599 GTB was back the other day, too.

The Wrath of Dawn said...

Or could it be IGUBADW!!!!

john.g. said...

'Tis also the noise of a race bred 1016cc Ducati v4 Moto GP bike at full cry. Enough to warm the cockles of my heart! Or any JAP multi, howling it's head off!

Ricardipus said...

Bikes - those are like really small convertibles with two wheels and not enough cylinders in the engine, right?

john.g. said...

Correct RP, but quicker to 60mph than any Ferrari!