Wednesday, August 22, 2007

4 weeks...

...until the 23rd anniversary of my elder brother not going to a Toronto Blue Jays game, even though he had this free ticket:

Four dollars. That would probably just about buy you a hotdog at the game today.

The date is important.


The Wrath of Dawn said...

I actually saw the Jays play the Orioles in Baltimore in Sept 1990.

It wasn't free and I caught a cold.

I think I am allergic to sports.

Ricardipus said...

I've seen them a number of times. To the best of my knowledge, my brother never has.

#Debi said...

I confess to being a bit stupid. I blame it on having just woke up, almost. Why is the date important?

Wonderferret said...

1) Why is the date important ?
2) What sport do they play ?
3) is that s summer or winter sport ?
4)Does it use balls ?

As you can see Iam totally sport l33t dude!

Ricardipus said...

1) I'm not telling - yet.
2) Baseball.
3) Spring, Summer, Fall.
4) Yes.

WyldWoods (WW.N) said...

You know you have peaked the curiosity of a lot of people with this post.

And, yes, I saw your comment and am still around. In fact I'm working on a post that should be up in the next couple of days.

Ricardipus said...

Wyldwoods - good to hear from you. I'll look forward to that post.

There's another important date coming up a bit sooner...

Me ... Wonderferret said...

Baseball... Thats like 2 dimesional cricket isn't it?

zwkep: sound of a baseball being hit with a willow bat.