Monday, June 04, 2007

An update of the n things post from long ago

It seems that recent events mean that I really ought to update this post. Specifically:

I have traveled to only eight of Canada’s ten provinces, and none of the Territories.

Well, with the RAMPAGING SUCCESS OF THE EAST COAST BLOGMEET, this is no longer true. I have now traveled to nine provinces, although I confess I never set foot outside the airport in Province Number Nine. But I was cleared through Canadian Customs and made my way outside the secure area, where herself could come and meet me, so I was actually, technically, there.

I live only a few minutes from a very large amusement park, which I’ve never visited.

After this weekend, this is no longer true. Yes, at the ripe old age of *ahem*not-quite-forty, I finally got drawn into visiting this place. And it was quite fun, I have to admit, and not as crowded yet as it will doubtless become once the weather gets a bit hotter. I have to say, though, that I agree with Junior Ricardipus #1 that Scooby's Gasping Ghoster Coaster was a bit scary (not because of ghosts, but because it's a roller coaster. I believe a direct quote was something like "I don't like this very much!". JR#2, of course, went on it again.)

Those ones where you stand up and go round loop-the-loops: you will never get me on these. Not a chance.

There exist recordings of me playing synthesizers, piano, harmonica, electric, acoustic and bass guitar, and bongos.

OK, this hasn't changed recently, but ocarina and clarinet should be added to the list, as should drum machines.

I have two budgies that are older than my children.

Sadly, no longer true, as budgie #2 had to be put down earlier this year. At the ripe old age of 10-and-a-bit, and suffering from advanced kidney disease, it was time. Not at all a pleasant experience for any of us, but something that needed to be done.

Budgie #1, who is now pushing 11 years old, is still going strong. She's a bit more clingy than before, but otherwise seems to be holding up well in the absence of #1. Actually, they mostly just squabbled so maybe she's enjoying the quiet a bit. I think she misses him deep down, though.

As for the rest, I'd really like to do something about this one:

I have never been east of Paris, or west of Vancouver Island.

This one, on the other hand, I have absolutely no desire to update:

As far as I know, I have never broken a bone.


The Wrath of Dawn said...

"I never set foot outside the airport in Province Number Nine"

Yeah, we should have gone somewhere, huh? I was afraid we'd get back to the airport only to find that your flight had left early. And then I would be killed to death by the lovely Mrs. Ricardipus.

Plus you *could* have had a miniature chainsaw in your laptop case. You can't be too careful about these things, y'know.

The Wrath of Dawn said...

wbwuipi - I have nothing more to say, I just had to report on this most excellent vw.

wbwuipi - A variation on "woobiewhippie!" Sorta, kinda like "whoopie!"

That is all.

john.g. said...

"As far as I know, I have never broken a bone". You lucky, lucky barstard! Don't start like I did!
I love Monty Python!

WyldWoods (WW.N) said...

I've only been to 5 of the provinces, but I have been to 13(?) states.

I've been to Canada's Wonderland 3 times. The last time (about 5 years ago) I went on all but 3 of the roller coasters. I didn't go on the one where you stand up, the one that goes through a second time - backwards, or Top Gun. I was too tall for that last one.

And I have never, that I know of, broken any bone that wasn't mine. This is saying something for someone who spent 4 years as a private guard, including 1.5 at a mental hospital.

Ricardipus said...

Hm. States, I didn't count... let's see. Excluding ones where I was only changing planes in an airport...

New Hampshire
New York
North Carolina
DC (yes, I know it's not a state...)

That's eleven, plus a bunch in between Ontario and North Carolina, by bus.

Wyldwoods - you have led an interesting life, it seems!

#Debi said...

You should come to Kentucky, to up your state count. I could take you to see horses. Or hillbillies, take your pick...

Only ever been to 1 province, I think. I was at Expo '67--came into Canada via Michigan, left via NY. It's a bit hazy, as I was only 6 at the time...

WyldWoods (WW.N) said...

Ricardipus: Technically, even though Massachusetts is counted as a state, it is not one. It is a Commonwealth.

And maybe I should clarify a little bit. I spent a year and a half as a guard at a mental hospital. Don't want anyone to get the wrong idea.

I've only travelled by bus through Nova Scotia. Never across a provincial or state border.

You aren't the first to say my life sounds interesting. That said, I used to think it was dull, but that might have just been because it was my life.

The Wrath of Dawn said...



Ricardipus said...

I just posted but it's not showing up on the blog. Grrrrr.

It's in the June archives though. Go figure.

Bloody blugger.

The Wrath of Dawn said...

It's showing now...

wnfwhus - where the wnfw lives.