Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lazy rip-off blogging

Ripping off this idea of Debi's, I scooted on over to and ran their clever Celebrity Look-Alike tool on a couple of recent snaps. And here are the results:

Hm. The Pope, Ben Stiller, and some gorgeous blonde woman whose name I don't remember.

Marilyn Manson, Yasmeen Ghauri, Jeff Goldblum, and some other gorgeous blonde woman whose name I also don't remember.

And not one, not two, but three instances of Patrick Swayze. I'm really unsure whether that's a good thing, or not.

EDIT: First panel: Ben Stiller, Jang Dong-gun (who?), Cindy Margolis (the woman in question), Patrick freakin' Swayze, Pope Paul VI, Marc Anthony, Bobby Charlton (woo yay!), Christian Slater. Second panel: Morten "I look like Patrick Swayze" Harket, Patrick ENOUGH ALREADY Swayze again, River Phoenix, Yasmeen Ghauri, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jeff Goldblum, Marilyn Manson, and that unidentified second blonde woman.


The Wrath of Dawn said...

You do NOT look like Marilyn Manson. Not even quite jetlagged.

*shudder* Manson *double shudder*

buytzm - Heck! Buy two tzms, they're cheap!

Bob said...

Haha, I went on that a while back and it came up with a load of people who (whom?) I have never seen or heard of before in my life...

Ricardipus said...

Bob - did they all have red beards and wizard hats?

john.g. said...

Is it Caprice?

Ricardipus said...

The first one's Cindy Margolis. I don't know who the second one is, I forgot to write her name down and the site steadfastly refuses to recognize the face in that second photo of me any more.

Can't say I blame it really.

kitty said...

The last blonde looks very much like Caprice Bourret. She's only really known over here for doing a bit of modelling, hanging about with SERIOUSLY rich guys and advertising Sunsweet prunes

Ricardipus said...

hanging about with SERIOUSLY rich guys

Ah, well, that explains what she's doing hanging around my blog then.