Friday, May 25, 2007

It's really that simple?

Right, after all of this faffling around with various modes of transportation, I did, in fact, manage to attend the East Coast Blogmeet. Which I will tell you all about... shortly.*

After which, I flew from there to here (more or less), hopped in the rental car, and drove for about three hours to the other end of Lake Ontario where I attended a high school reunion. I didn't think I'd ever do that, but it was actually kind of fun. I got to revisit some old haunts, including the lighting cage where I spent many hours working on various school plays:

The dear old cage has lots of archaic stuff in it, including this rather attractive set of dimmer levers. If you look carefully, you'll see that there's an on/off switch under each. The wires leading to these switches are not terribly well insulated, and I gave myself a nice zap on one of them on at least one occasion.

But the best part is this:

Boys, Girls. On, Off. Who knew it was that easy?

*Dawn is going to kill me if I don't get around to it soon.

P.S. I just love how the Blogger image upload tool fails, gives you an error code and additional details to report, then fails to provide a link to report it. Try looking around the Blogger website too. Do you see a support link for reporting problems? If it's there, I sure can't find it.


john.g. said...

Ricardipus, Dawn might just kill you anyway. lol. Good post.

Anna said...

Ha -- R'pus wired! Something tells me that's dangerous!

To report a problem go here (you have to be signed in when you use the link):

Blogger is now using Picassa, which limits the total amount of pictures one can upload. Hope that helps : )

Ricardipus said...

Anna - thanks. I sure couldn't find the way to that page myself... maybe just dense though.

Blogger just didn't want to upload the "cage" picture at all for a while... the rest of them worked fine. "Cage" was a bit bigger than the rest but still way less than the limit. After I downsized it, it uploaded ok. No clue what the problem was, but anyway it worked in the end.

"txybak" - what you text when you don't have time for a full response

The Wrath of Dawn said...

I would never kill the most excellent Ricardipus.

Not to death, anyway.

flrzsp - the sound of a ricaripus being killed almost to death.

oymjmsmp - your punishment for not getting the first vw right.