Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh, my bleeding ears...

osc 1

For those of you still recovering from the sonic assault that was the subject of the last post, I present something a little gentler:

When Dreaming - 128 kbps mp3 (5.3 Mbytes), file hosted courtesy of Rik as usual.

A floaty, ambient thing featuring electric piano from a Yamaha TX7, whooshy pads and lightweight percussion from a Korg 05R/W, and leads and bass from the mighty Sequential Circuits Split-8, with sonic sauce from a slightly broken Alesis Midiverb II and the usual software massaging.


In other news, following Scaryduck's bombshell that he's not going to update it any more, Pengor, Penguin of Doom has been deleted from my sidebar. Scary's explanation, "because I can't be arsed", seems perfectly reasonable to me. The real estate freed up over there will be replaced by... um... well, nothing for the time being.

Speaking of which, I wonder what ever happened to Voltan?

Lower down on the sidebar, I've added links to all of the 'serious' music files, more for my convenience than anyone else's. Click away, if you like.


By the way... who the heck is reading my blog from a location in or near Churchill, Manitoba? Just wondering - stay anonymous if you wish. But there's a great big blob on my Clustrmap from somewhere near there.


The Wrath of Dawn said...

Argh! Don't you hate mystery lurkers? I have a few and even when I call, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" they won't.

Is Sioux Lookout near Churchill or is it in Ontario?

Ricardipus said...

Sioux Lookout, Hub of the North and Home of the Blueberry Festival, is in Ontario.

Yes, I had to look it up, although I was pretty sure it was in Ontario.

The Wrath of Dawn said...

Just as I thought. I get regular visits from someone in Sioux Lookout who never, ever says hellooo! And they've got blueberries, too.


Also from someone in Californie.

The Wrath of Dawn said...

Just listened to the audio clip. Or tried to. It big. My computer lazy.

But I liked it! If the Ph.D. biology wormy thing doesn't work out, you've got a fallback!

Ricardipus said...

...and we thank you.

I wondered about making these smaller, lower quality files, but couldn't bring myself to do it. I listen to the wav files rather than the mp3's, which are better quality but also ten times as big.