Thursday, November 09, 2006

Scottsdale, next 15 exits…

…which is what the road sign said. Partway through the $60 cab ride from the airport. I have never paid that much for a taxi ride, ever. Have the good hoteliers of Arizona never heard of an airport shuttle bus?

Anyway, it’s not so bad – 80 degrees outside (sorry folks, I’m in the U.S. of A. now, so everything must be in Fahrenheit), sunny, a light breeze ruffling the palm fronds just outside my window. If any of the pictures I took with the disposable camera from the gift store turn out, I’ll put some up on Flickr. Or maybe here. Or both.

I really must get myself a camera phone for trips like this... the lovely Sony DSC is just a bit heavy and expensive to haul around.

One unfortunate downside of this little break from routine is that there is no free internet in the hotel room. What is that all about? $14.95 to connect? Philistines. Don’t they understand that blogging must be done? Oh yes, and work as well. Of course.

[Editorial note - which is why you're getting this post two days after I returned. So I'm not really in the U.S. of A. right now after all. Artistic license, ok?]

It is rapidly becoming apparent that I have very little to say, so let me leave you with this little observation about U.S. sports television:

On ESPN2, 2:30 PM, Monday… Dominoes. Competitive dominoes.

The rest of the time: football. Occasionally interrupted by basketball. And dominoes, apparently.

This is sports television?

No sign of any hockey though, even though we are in the New Land of Gretzky™.


In other news, we may have a new candidate for Most Useless Blog Post Related To Travel™. This one, obviously.

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The Wrath of Dawn said...

So that's where you were. I was about to send out the St. Bernard.

Those 'Murricans. Competitive dominoes, huh? They shure do know how to have a good time.

It's been all go here. I've been having adventures at the Y gym. Will post when I get a chance. It's riveting content, I tell you. Riveting!