Sunday, September 03, 2006

HR has been notified

From the applicant file:

Example 1. How not to reply to an email from a prospective employer.

respected sir
thanks for a lot for ur mail.
sir in future if there any chance plz gave me an opportunity.
thanks waiting for ur response

Ok, I know what you're thinking - the applicant doesn't speak good English, so I shouldn't get on his case. But this person's covering email and c.v. were written in immaculate English. And in any case, the use of the word 'byeeeeeeeeeeee' is not recommended.


Aled said...

I was once in the unfortunate position of having to recruit an assistant in our newly created Network Control Division (of a large bank, which I had been allocated the task of linking some 3,300 branches to the 'computah'. Personnel (read HR from modern-day speak) had decreed that I would review the applications. One gentle soul had filled in the application form under the section marked Sex M or F. She had written in, "yes, but only once". I wanted to hire her just for her naivety!

WyldWoods said...

Back when the company I work for was hiring they would ask some of us to give a technical interview to applicants who made it far enough in the process...

One time in particular I was asked to interview a person I had worked with in a previous job, and I refused. When pressed, I said it was because I thought he was an idiot and have no technical ability. Turns out I was the 5th person to say this about the one guy.

Needless to say, he did not get hired.

Black Knight said...

Ha ha - it wasn't our old friend Dr Suresh k wotsit, by any chance?

bhxoyef. Sounds vaguely Yiddish.

Sir Findo Gask said...

I once received an E-mail from one of my site managers:


Off on holiday for a couple of weeks, holiday form in internal post for you.


I dealt with this as follows.
Sent E-mail to my private mail for safe keeping.

Informed HR on day 3 that he was AWOL as he had not contacted me and sent required letters asking him to contact me about his unauthorised absence.

As we had not heard from him (hardly a supprise) we sent another letter by special delivery after 5 days saying he was suspended and was required to meet with HR and I 5 days later.

He didn't turn up for the meeting so we assumed that he had resigned I wrote to him with his P45 etc etc..


Rik said...

Dad: You didn't try to bed her? Blimey

SFG: I hope you sleep well at night.

The Wrath of Dawn said...

nN E fule know that.